Announcing Web App Testing with WebdriverIO - My New Online Course!

It's been several years since the initial release of my web app testing course, which I unfortunately needed to close down in early 2020 due to the content becoming very out-of-date.

Since closing it down though, I've been working on two follow up projects:

Both projects share the same content, just in a different format. The reason for this is that I wanted to get the book written first, then start working on the video course. The reason for that is that it's easier to update text content than video content.

Knowing that I'd be working on all of this in my free time, I figured that by the time I finish the content, there will be parts that are already out-of-date (which definitely happened once or twice).

So with the book, I can take the time to develop all the examples, then go back and update them once finished, then more quickly develop the videos from those examples and hopefully avoid having to re-work the content (although it's already had to be re-worked once).

I'm currently in the middle of working on the course, with 10 videos completed and one more to go for the 'starter course'.

From there, I'll start working on the second part (there will be 3 total parts). It hopefully won't take my half a year to develop, and I have gotten into a much better rhythm with building out these videos. But still, the editing takes about a day for each video, so it'll take some effort still.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a note of it here. If you're interested in learning more about the course (or signing up hint hint), check out