Building Impressive Presentations with Impress.js

Building Impressive Presentations with

In June I was asked to review a new book on Impress.js,
the fun little presentation framework I’ve used in a few of my presentations. Here’s the review:


First off, it’s great to see an entire book dedicated to impress.js. I’ve used impress several times for presentations and it can create some fantastic visuals.

The book starts off very basic, covering what it takes to make a simple impress presentation. This is great for anyone who hasn’t had experience with the framework. It then gets into the details of how impress works. Knowing the exact details isn’t crucial to building presentations with impress, but it is good knowledge to have.

One of the final sections of the book talks about using impress to create a personal website. I enjoyed the fresh ideas presented in this section. They were unique and gave a neat spin to using impress outside of a typical presentation.

I would have liked to see the book get into a little more detail on creating full-fledged presentations. It covered all the basics of impress, but didn’t talk too much about building a presentation that’s 40 or 50 slides. It also could have covered more variations of the different types of transition effects that can be created.

There were also some code improvements that could prevent some repetition, but I didn’t finding any glaring issues with any of the examples.

Overall, if you’re looking for some detailed information on impress.js and are unfamiliar with it, for the price, this book is a great introduction.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the e-book for review.