Developers in the New Age of the Web

At the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of presenting at the San Antonio InnoTech Conference. The talk I gave was titled "Developers in the New Age of the Web", and revolved around the importance that Front-end Developement has taken in the past several years.

To prepare for this talk, I tried something new. Instead of creating a brief outline for my slides, or trying to nail down a perfect transcript to speak to, I simply typed up what I consider a very long blog post on the subject.

I had two goals with this. The first goal was just to figure out what it was that I really wanted to say. The second was to have some sort of publishable content at the end of it all. I figured the talk wasn't going to be recorded, and the slides don't make much sense on their own (good slides usually don't), so why not create a semi-reflective transcript first and build off that?

So with that, I'm finally getting around to publishing what I wrote up for my talk. Since it's >2500 words, I'm going to break up the transcript into three separate posts:

The audience for the talk wasn't really Front-end Engineers. They already know this stuff. This is really aimed at the non-Front-end folks involved in web related projects, to give them a little bit of insight into how the Front-end world has changed and why it's important they pay attention to it.

That said, I encourage anyone to give it a read (I'm not going to turn away readers). I hope that the topic I've written about is valuable to be read, even if you've heard it before. Feedback is more than welcome.