Greetings Merry Andrew

Greetings Merry Andrew,
Upon seeing your most recent actions,
and viewing your days work,
My heart begs to ask this question

Could it have been Peter Pan,
coming to your window and sprinkling some dust,
flying you to Neverland,
to valiantly attack Hook and his grown up men,
where freedom is being five?

And if he really did visit,
please tell him that I have found his rebel shadow,
so that he'll fly to my bedside,
where I will be ready with my sword in hand
and he shall ask, "Will you go?"

I dream of something grander,
something deeper than my wealth.
Beyond my nightime slumber,
I dream of a wonderland,
where freedom is being five.

When I look at the one in my reflection
it's never who they tell me I am.
I see a young boy, war paint on his face
with two teeth missing and one big smile
coloring outside the lines drawn.

So Merry-Andrew, spill your secret.
Was it really Peter Pan,
who came to your window and flew you away,
to fight Captain Hook in Neverland,
where freedom is being five?