Quick Update on Teaching

There are several things brewing in the back of my head that I want to write down, but alas I’m way too busy making lesson plans to have time to write them down.

And apparently the powers that be decided Katie and I both needed to be completely overloaded with work at the same time, seeing as her manager has been out for the past four weeks in premature labor (long story. twins. one has been birthed, the other is still in there. yes, her manager has been in labor for four weeks. and I’m complaining about being busy…)

Webmastering is going well. I’ve got the students moving into embedded CSS now. They just finished successfully validating their first page (well, fixing the intentional errors in included on a page).

Quick thoughts

  • Disciplining the students is hard
  • Students absences ruin everything
  • I’ve been using the Big Picture for daily warm-ups. Pretty pictures… Kids like it but I’ll need something new since they’re getting tired of it.

My goal over the next few weeks is to stop trying to just make it past the next day and start planning to make it past the next week.