So you want to be a hero?

I’m reminded of a computer game I used to constantly play during my childhood years called Quest for Glory. The basic storyline is that you, an average, everyday citizen, are going to save the world from evil forces. The only obstacles in your way include some evil sorcerers, a couple of corrupt leaders, some brigands, a mad scientist and just a few monsters scattered about (including, but not limited to ogre’s, goblins, giant scorpions, vampyric rabbits, dinosaurs, and giants). In addition to that, you have little experience in the exact thing you’re trying to accomplish.

But the cool part is, if you stick with it, you do end up saving the world, and you have fun doing it, despite the flying mantrays.

I think becoming a teacher is a lot like this. You start off with an idea; “I want to make a difference.” With that thought, you begin down the path of becoming a hero. The monsters don’t take long to show up. And for every one you slay, three more appear.

But so be it, you want to be a hero.

So here I am, ready to make a difference, even if I need to fight a few monsters along the way.