Test Your Login

Here's an idea: Fill out a form and get a WebdriverIO script that tests the login/registration process on your site.

Not a generic script that you have to customize. Once already set up to your specific page elements with your specific URLs and specific text.

That's the idea behind testyourlog.in. I haven't done the real work to build it out yet, but am happy with the idea and excited to make it.

It's not that I care all that much about broken logins, or that that sort of thing is tough to test (a broken login is quickly noticed), but just that everyone seems to have one, and they're all pretty standard. This makes using it as a test case really handy, and even makes it possible to create a generator.

I think the hardest step in testing is the first one. Taking that initial venture in to something brand new, uncharted territory and all that jazz.

I hope that testyourlog.in provides a quick, usable proof-of-concept for folks wanting to try out automated testing, without requiring them to do a lot of unfamiliar work.

If you're interested in the idea, throw an email address into the form and get notified when I ship.

If you want to see technical details on this all, my next step is to write up a blog post on the implementation of a test script for a generic login/registration page. I'll post it here on the blog when it's ready.