A stop-gap for WebdriverCSS

A little while back I wrote aboute how to install WebdriverCSS with WebdriverIO 4.x.

Well, that no longer works :\

The future of WebdriverCSS is still up in the air. Right now the official direction is that it will merge with wdio-screenshot, but progress on that front has been a little slow (I'm not complaining, we're all busy folks and this stuff takes a lot of free time).

In the meantime, I wanted to make it easy for folks to still use WebdriverCSS while taking advantage of all that WebdriverIO 4.x has to offer. So I forked the DenisKundlin beta-rc1 branch and merged it into the master branch of my own repo.

Now you can install WebdriverCSS like so:

npm install visualregressiontesting/webdrivercss

Then you can run WebdriverCSS the same as before.

This isn't a perfect solution. I had to hack some things together to get it to actually work, and there may be edge cases that break. I'd love your feedback in the issues if you run across them, but