Be proud of your journey

We like to identify with common, yet individual, things: Specific TV shows, books, musicians.

It's helps us feel independent, but also part of a group.

We get tattoos, posters, shirts; whatever helps us identify with other individuals who we can feel a part of a group of.

But maybe we should spend some time identifying as ourselves.

We should take pride in what we've been through and what we've become.

Did you deal with a specific jackass boss who taught you that you can't take "leadership" at face value?

Did you work your ass off just to be dismissed b/c you didn't quite fit the mold?

That shit sucks.

And yet, it makes us stronger than if we had been better nurtured.

Take pride in you, as an actual individual.

Not you as an individual as part of a group.

But you, as someone completely unique to this planet earth; and to this universe.

You're something.

Be good with that.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash