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Various writing on life in general.

Let Glue Dry.

It's so tempting to rush through to the next step of the process before giving the current step time to set. The push is to keep moving forward with our momentum, even when the project just requires time to do nothing.This phrase comes from the fun YouTube channel of… Continue Reading 'Let Glue Dry.'

Be proud of your journey

We like to identify with common, yet individual, things: Specific TV shows, books, musicians. It's helps us feel independent, but also part of a group. We get tattoos, posters, shirts; whatever helps us identify with other individuals who we can feel a part of a group of. But maybe we… Continue Reading 'Be proud of your journey'

I don't care (that i do)

I think I've realized something about social situations and interactions. It's not that I have to not care about what other people think, it's that I have to not care that I care about what other people think. It's okay to want connection and look foolish/stupid going after it.… Continue Reading 'I don't care (that i do)'

I'm bad at diversity

I recently read a fantastic post by a trans-man named Graham Daniels about his journey to discovering his true self. It's one of those posts that takes soul to write and a willingness to be vulnerable to publish. Coming out shouldn't be a big deal. Actually, scratch that. Maybe it… Continue Reading 'I'm bad at diversity'


Depression is controlling. You don't want to feel better. You want to sulk. You don't want someone to help, because it would take away the pleasure of feeling bad. You certainly don't want some medication or therapy, because really you're just being melodramatic and don't deserve special attention. But you… Continue Reading 'Depression'