How ADHD Affects Me

To many, ADHD means you can't pay attention. While that's true, there are other parts to it.

To me, this ADHD Acrostic I came up with illustrates all that I struggle with:


One of the more surprising parts (to me) of that is 'anger' aspect. I never would have associated ADHD with anger, but now I realize that it's a very close connection.

I don't want to get in to details on why it's associated (that's what Google is for); I just wanted to state that there's more to ADHD than the 'Distraction'.

If you struggle with the for symptoms I mentioned, read up on ADHD and see if it sounds like you. Just realizing it helps, and there are some good books out there on the subject. Plus mindfulness can help :)

Take care of yourself and don't let official diagnoses get in the way of getting better.