It won't fail because of me

It's better not to do anything at all, than to try something and have someone take it away.

Maybe 'better' isn't the right word.

Safer? No.

Less risky... Okay, I can go with that.

I struggle so much with control issues. If I feel like the result of my efforts relies mostly on someone else, I become paralyzed with fear that I'm going to work really hard and just end up having all that effort taken away.

I don't mind failing. It's not great, but I can handle it most of the time.

But it really, really bothers me if my chance for success at something is heavily dependent on something out of my control.

I'm not afraid of delegating and I don't have trouble relying on people when I trust them.

I just feel gun-shy when I know (or get the feeling that I know) that someone else has the authority to spoil my efforts.

If I'm going to work hard at something and really invest myself in it, I want to the security that the work won't be shit-canned by some random person.

There's a phrase I ran across a while back: "It won't fail because of me.".

It's a good credo to live by. Take responsibility for your work. Don't let your laziness be the cause of disaster.

I really wish my success on any specific work relied solely on the effort I put in to it. Sometimes it does, but not always.

In those circumstances, I've got to improve. I can't let fear of losing control keep me under control.

I've got to just do things. Not because I know they won't be ruined by some other issue, but because I know they'll never happen otherwise.

I won't fail because of me.