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Lessons learned the hard way.

0% Productivity Tip #3

Downplay the pain that others feel because it doesn't look so bad from where you're standing. This is a hard one to describe. It's not necessarily about actively minimizing and downplaying the pain that others have to deal with, rather it's about learning to recognize that someone else may be… Continue Reading '0% Productivity Tip #3'

0% Productivity Tip #2

I love the future. I love thinking about how things will be 100% better in it. I'll have more time, I'll have more knowledge and I'll do those bigs things that I just don't have time for right now in the present. Which leads me to my next way to… Continue Reading '0% Productivity Tip #2'

0% Productivity Tip #1

How you can get the most uselessness out of your day! I quit my job. There were many reasons for doing so, but gridlock due to poor processes was a big one. Before I quit, I started listing out habits we had as a company that caused the greatest harm… Continue Reading '0% Productivity Tip #1'