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Is 'Use Strict' Worth It?

A conversation about 'use strict' came up yesterday at work. I was on side of it being unnecessary, as tools like JSHint and such can handle most of what 'use strict' does. But a co-worker smartly pointed out that it's not just about syntax checking that counts, that it also… Continue Reading 'Is 'Use Strict' Worth It?'

Resolving Data in Angular

One of the biggest values I get from working on side projects is the unexpected discoveries made that can be applied to my full-time job. This is one of the reasons I've stopped caring so much about "completing" these projects and instead have focused on simply enjoying the… Continue Reading 'Resolving Data in Angular'

Publishing Bower Components

Recently I’ve been doing some work on a set of AngularJS component (directives, services, etc) and I’d like them to be available in Bower. There are plenty of guides out there on installing Bower components, but I couldn’t find many on creating, registering and updating your own… Continue Reading 'Publishing Bower Components'

Regression Testing and CSS

Note: It's been a while since I originally wrote this. Nowadays I use WebdriverIO and WebdriverCSS. If you're interested in learning those tools, I've got a free short course available if you're interested This past October I gave a presentation at the wonderful CSS Dev Conf about CSS and regression… Continue Reading 'Regression Testing and CSS'