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3 Posts on Coding

I've written a few technical posts for the Invision Engineering Blog and figured I'd link to them from here: Better Pull Request Management with Custom Labels Sharing ESLint Across Teams Testing Our Shared ESLint Configs If you can't tell, I really like ESLint :)… Continue Reading '3 Posts on Coding'

Mocha Usage Tips

While the main Mocha.js website provides useful information, it's fairly verbose (that's really a good thing). Here are several tips to help newcomers understand some of the main features of Mocha. Running commands before and after tests (i.e. Hooks) Take advantage of Mocha's before, beforeEach, after and afterEach… Continue Reading 'Mocha Usage Tips'

Is 'Use Strict' Worth It?

A conversation about 'use strict' came up yesterday at work. I was on side of it being unnecessary, as tools like JSHint and such can handle most of what 'use strict' does. But a co-worker smartly pointed out that it's not just about syntax checking that counts, that it also… Continue Reading 'Is 'Use Strict' Worth It?'