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Why I Can't Meditate

I should meditate tonight. Even just five minutes would help. Really, the time would be totally worth it, because I'd be more relaxed, more focused and more productive for the other 1335 minutes of the day. But I really don't have time. The dishes still need to be done. And… Continue Reading 'Why I Can't Meditate'

How ADHD Affects Me

To many, ADHD means you can't pay attention. While that's true, there are other parts to it. To me, this ADHD Acrostic I came up with illustrates all that I struggle with: Anger Distraction Hyperfocus Depression One of the more surprising parts (to me) of that is 'anger' aspect. I… Continue Reading 'How ADHD Affects Me'

Make Gifts for People

Zen Pencils always gets me thinking. Even when a comic doesn't quite strike the mark at first, it inevitably comes back to enlighten me. This adaption of John Green's words is one of those that I had to chew on a bit before it finally hit home. I've focused myself… Continue Reading 'Make Gifts for People'

Overcoming Frustration

One of the hardest parts about frustration is how addictive it is. While there a tips and tricks to being less frustrated with situations, a lot of times being frustrated is a "happier" state than getting down on yourself about complaining too much. As easy as it is… Continue Reading 'Overcoming Frustration'

The Art of Simplifying

My mom recently sharedan article about developing an artistic style via simplificationwith me. While the content of the post focuses on art, I really think the points it made relate to the tech industry as well. Take the second paragraph: "…what I’m seeing, over and over, from artists… Continue Reading 'The Art of Simplifying'

Understanding your system.

The thing about to-do lists and prioritizing and just forcing yourself to do something is that it’s nearly impossible to do. Making yourself do hard work when your mind needs something else is like trying to push two similar polarities of a magnet together. Try as you may, you’… Continue Reading 'Understanding your system.'