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Test Your Login

Here's an idea: Fill out a form and get a WebdriverIO script that tests the login/registration process on your site. Not a generic script that you have to customize. Once already set up to your specific page elements with your specific URLs and specific text. That's the idea behind… Continue Reading 'Test Your Login'

What's up with WebdriverCSS?

I found out about WebdriverIO through WebdriverCSS. Seems strange, since WebdriverIO is so powerful on its own, but yeah, WebdriverCSS introduced me to the awesomeness that is WebdriverIO. Visual Regression Testing has always been an interest of mine. I talked about it at CSSDevConf in 2013, when I demoed the… Continue Reading 'What's up with WebdriverCSS?'

Mocha Usage Tips

While the main Mocha.js website provides useful information, it's fairly verbose (that's really a good thing). Here are several tips to help newcomers understand some of the main features of Mocha. Running commands before and after tests (i.e. Hooks) Take advantage of Mocha's before, beforeEach, after and afterEach… Continue Reading 'Mocha Usage Tips'